Sunday, February 19, 2012

More paper quilling...

Just having fun trying something new! I think this is so much fun. Time consuming...meticulous...but fun! In my previous post I highlighted some menus that I created using this technique! If only I had more time on my hands...sigh...
For my parents 50th wedding anniversary party I found pictures of their past together and quilled a
floral border around each of them to use as centerpieces.  
These were some of my earliest creations as I experimented with the possibility of incorporating some quilling into future wedding designs. 

Deb and Christian

Deb and Christian were such a fun couple! They really wanted a fun an unique wedding, as testified by their bold and fun color choices and unique paper ideas! It is so fun to work with a couple that challenges my creativity and allows me to try some new things! They fell in love with velvet paper and really, really wanted to use it in their invitation. It had such a beautiful texture, but presented some challenges in the printing. What I ended up doing was printing the flower on an inkjet printer to capture the color shading, and using letterpress for the wording to make it nice and crisp! The end result was beautiful...wrapped up in a paper fold with a die-cut to showcase the poppy underneath. And of course, all held together with a gorgeous wax seal! So much fun!

Can you see the gorgeous velvet texture?

The place cards were made out of flower seed paper
with a printed vellum overlay...held together by copper grommets.

And the best part of all...the menus! They gave me an opportunity to
use paper quilling for the first time in a wedding paper design. I can't even count the numerous hours I spent twirling paper, but I LOVED the end result. It was so much fun, and made each one unique!

What a great team!
Coordinating and Design- Every Elegant Detail
Photography - Janae Shields